This guy is just doing His Best.

  • Andrew (or Quail if you prefer internet names)
  • Male (he/him)
  • 22 (Oct 27th)
  • Chinese - American
  • Eastern Standard Time

Hey there! I'm Andrew, and I'm just a jack of quite a few trades who knows a slew of useless bird facts. I rotate my characters, useless information, video game people, and sad indie music around in my brain like a globe while attempting to do things that are actually relevant to the situation.

I'm always learning new things, and I'm pretty much all over the place in terms of what my focus is- that's just the process of learning. If you need specifics, I particularly like art, music, natural sciences, and design work, while simultaneously dabbling in and out of other personal interests, like worldbuilding, or Wrangling For My Life With HTML.

My favourite animal's the king quail (it's what this site's named after)! Aside from birds, I also really like cats, eels, and a lot of abyssal oceanic critters.

Nice to meet you!