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If you'd prefer just to read some of the dreamlog, here's a few dreams I think are particularily interesting/fun/I made graphics for them:


"Discord gets worse"

Dec 11th, 2023

This one was a nap dream. I had opened discord on my laptop in-dream to find out that the layout of the application had been updated, in spite of me having not updated it manually like I generally do. It was comprised of the left half of the screen listing the current server's channels in dark text with a white background. Each unread channel was denoted by a pulsing, orange circle. The right side was comprised by a large, gradient background, with each individual message sent in a dark box with white text (this was the dark mode, the light mode simply replaced the dark boxes with light boxes and dark text), and each person's icon. The message bar was relatively the same, except the emoji, sticker, and GIF icons had been moved into the + icon to the right- instead, it'd been replaced with the discord store which sold the usual nitro/decorations.

This new version of discord's primary gimmick was you were able to change the colours of the gradient with nitro, as well as animate it to a slow pulse (which honestly sounds horrible for visibility reasons). As a result, you weren't able to change the boxes the messages themselves were in aside from light/dark mode.

I did a mockup of this on my phone when waking up! This is actually extremely accurate except for my handwriting:

I went immediately to my email to see what was up, and I (and presumably, everyone else) got a long, corporate email with tons of graphics talking about how 'bad' the old version was and how great this new version was. I then went back to discord to complain to my friends about how terrible the new update was, but between the notification blips being hard to see on the white background and everything, I just became confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated until I woke up.


Shadow Detectives

Nov 12th, 2023

This dream was some sort of detective game where the teenage MCs also had divination powers- in fact, that's what they mostly relied on for the overall mystery of figuring out why members of their small club were disappearing, alongside some basic forensic skills. It took place in a small, forested town, one of the most notable landmarks being this series of wetlands docks you had to cross over to get into the mainland of town. One of the main features of the game was you divined bodies with the help of magical, 'mon genre' creatures you captured, who were all sorts of various little shadowy animals.

One of the earlier cases has you given a request to divine what happened to someone's dog, using just their collar by some couple (it was a tutorial perhaps), and you do that, but the next case involves the disappearance of one of your club members: you have to figure out what happened using only a weird wooden tablet they left behind. This ramps up when you find the body of one of your club mates; and you have to divine that too.

When you find their body, it's notable as there's this moment where the protagonist can't look at the body at first and thinks about what they could've done to save them. It's made all the worse when it's revealed that they came to club on time when the protagonists were out, figured club may have been cancelled and walked home (which is how they got Got). There was a somber moment the game had about looking at an area for clues but the protagonist couldn't focus because they kept thinking about their friend.

Eventually, the protagonists figure out that man in the couple is the one who actually did this, and as you run to the docks to confront him/report him to authorities, the authorities come to greet you to say theyre arresting you for witchcraft (acab). The dream ended because I woke up, but I assume the rest of the game takes place with your protagonists trying to still solve more mysteries and find a way out

Nov 10th, 2023

Dreamt that for some reason, a larger variety streamer was looking at toyhouse and couldn't navigate it, and I was waffling on whether or not to give him an access code and help or not because I definitely appeared on stream (through someone else's character's gallery) but with ancient art displayed. I typed several messages into the chat box but never sent them, and I woke up before I could actually make up my mind.


In-dream anime ("Ren Survival")

Oct 25th, 2023

Dreamt of an anime series about a strange prison where a bunch of 'criminals' (whose crimes ranged from financial fraud, to actually being a mass murderer, to accidental homicide like the main protagonist) were rounded up and forced to play what was called the 'Ren Survival' game; in which all participants had to not only survive for three months, but they had to stack up notoriety points, and the highest living person at the end of the game would not only be let free with full pardon, but with one wish fulfilled by the government, whatever it may be- an enticing thing to anyone, really. There were also prizes for second and third, which were being released, but no wish.

The entire grounds of the building were completely free to roam- and it was a weird, tall building rather than an actual prison, think a large, scientific facility (such as how the SCP Foundation is conceptualized) rather than prison

Each character had or was given "ren", which was a unique power for each person based off of their mental state and ideals. Not only did the prisoners all have one, but so did the guards.

The main goal of this game was earning "Notoriety Points": the more (visible) crimes you committed, the higher your notoriety points went up. However, the higher the notoriety, the more likely the guards would catch you (as you would start to be displayed upon the various screens in the facility) and dispatch you, meaning... Well ranging from either being put in a room indefinitely with zero notoriety points or death if you tried to fight back. So it was a game really about how much do you want to risk things: you could hide and stay out of people's way but gain no notoriety points, or fight violently but with a high risk of capture.

The main protagonist of this anime was a young woman who had accidentally committed homicide of someone very close to her, but instead of explaining it fully, she had claimed full guilt- I think she won a government lottery to be sent to this instead of a normal prison which.. well. Her ren/powers were related to darkness and shadows, in which hands would emerge from her own shadow could actively grab anything in it (but only her shadow). She used this primarily non-lethally.

Another character, a sunny young woman was set up early to be a sacrificial lamb- she had committed financial fraud but was very apologetic for it, but eventually the protagonist found her dead after a fight with the guards. This inspired main character to actually try to win the game, but as non-lethally as possible; there was scenes of her shadow growing larger as she was haunted by the deaths of not just her friend, but anyone she knew and died in the facility.

Later, it was revealed the guards/staff, at least the lower ranking ones were also prisoners who got randomly selected to be guards (under threat) and while some fully fell into the corruption of having power over others, some were just scared about things/too scared to speak up and I think MC made friends with one and they became a reoccurring character (guards automatically were disqualified for the game, too- they could not earn the prize no matter what they did).

I intuited that there was definitely an overlying message throughout the series; in that the system was not only incredibly unethical, but the author was attempting to convey that it was parallel to how real-life society treats those criminalized. There was also likely a government conspiracy as part of the anime's plot. I think this one was inspired a lot by Jigokuraku, albeit with a different flavour. Ultimately, I subconsiously knew either the main protagonist would either win the game but refuse the prize and set everyone free, or win second place and also refuse to be released as she attempted to set everyone free. I couldn't tell though- I had only watched the anime via clips, out of order.



Sep 23rd, 2023

Longer and complex one, of which my brain also recognized as a dream and tried to "record" it down to talk about it (but it would always fade away or get deleted somehow even as I drew it on my phone). Essentially, brain cooked up an entire internet feud over a "wigglytuff" model for a mod of smash bros: It started with a longtime pokemon fan who had made a shit post 'wigglytuff'. Even my brain recognized that it was clearly closer to blissey, but it was called wigglytuff, so wigglytuff it was. The strange look on its face was the most notable part, of which I can now recognize as partially being inspired or taken from Today's Shy Look from library of Ruina [blood, body horror, unsettling]. It looked like this:

Somehow, it broke out of just her shitpost into a larger known shitpost, and someone liked the 'wigglytuff' enough to make it into a smash bros brawl style model (brawl notably for putting 'realistic' features onto its models, meaning the lips and expression were REALLY detailed in a very funny way), and someone else thought it'd be a fun idea to rig it and give it a proper moveset. And eventually, it found its way into the brawl modding scene enough to be spotted by a large smash bros YouTuber who both really enjoyed the strange look of the model, but also the moveset for being incredibly well made and actually interesting for the brawl mod meta.

This gets more complex in that eventually, there's a contest for a well known brawl mod of which compiles a bunch of brawl modded characters to be able to play them in its story mode, subspace emissary- and which characters are chosen are chosen by vote. The original creator of the shitpost, unaware until now that her creation is not only not under her name (which she didn't mind) but that it's winning a competition against something genuinely completely made for the contest, it doesn't credit the original modeler, and she's huge on integrity. So it turns into her trying to first suggest to the modder that they should make their own model- but they refuse and insist the model and appearance is distinctly tied to the moveset they made and it's the main appeal of the character.

So then, the dream goes to her attempting to persuade people to vote for the other leading choice as she believes that something she made winning like this against something fairly made is wrong and all that, which is somewhat muffled by the one YouTube guy publishing a video ALL about how fun this modded character is.

Sep 20th, 2023

Nap dream of a slow burn animation/live action mix show about two women who could turn into stereotypical medieval dragons- I watched the pilot which was about the more openly dragon like woman trying to convince the other woman to just let her be alone while the other one followed her, following up to a climax with a 'hero' trying to slay her to save the damsel in distress when the other woman transformed into a dragon and saved her (and then robbed the 'hero' for having attempted that).

There was also something about the one woman having had been raised by a loving single father who had informed her well about dragon life and raised her among animals and the other one was raised in a draconian (heh) home where she had to act like a prim lady and hide her 'curse' and such.

There was a sort of implicit thing that they were going to eventually be together romantically but it was undercut by a lot of other things like a cursed boar statue, the conflict of living a 'normal' human life and being dragons and wanting to do dragon things (like hunt, rub gold on your stomach), an ent friend they picked up along the way (who would die in the season finale while they were caught unawares in a dream world caused by the boar statue).

...Overall, fun fake dream show. Would watch wlw dragon show again.

The Brazil Tamagotchi & Malicious Game

Sep 11th, 2023

This dream started out with me owning both a modern, coloured screen tamagotchi virtual pet (like the tamagotchi ON) and a tamagtochi connection v4.5, of which had a bright, white and yellow shell with various well-known Amazonian animals and 'Rio de Janerio' on it. Strangely, the infared area was orange in hue, versus the standard dark red used for... Well, infared. When I woke up, I drew a rough recreation of it on my phone. Here it is:

I also really wanted to show a friend of mine this tamagotchi, in-dream.

This transitioned into me playing a browser based game that had the ability to trap you in sleep: every time you thought you had gotten up, it displayed a fake web-browser crash that was part of the game, and you'd find yourself back asleep in bed. In response, I flailed violently in-dream, trying to wake up as I would snap back to the bed as my laptop beside me would flash a 'the game crashed, would you like to send an error report?' but then would corrode into more malicious messaging with a black background and red text. However, funnily enough, in-dream I found this far more frustrating than frightening, even commenting mentally something along the lines of 'not another dev attempting to bank on the yandere trope'. I just really wanted to show my friend the Brazil tamagotchi.

Plant Cult

Sep 9th, 2023

In this dream, the point of view character had stumbled upon a strange cult taking place in what seemed to be like an abandoned parking garage. The cult was focused on ingesting a strange plant that would parastyze the host's body and even assimilate unprepared members, but some members were able to overcome the mental takeover and then live as plant-people as a result. Those who survived would then gain the ability to not only rapidly climb walls, but do so by rotting and regrowing rapidly. The point of view found this horrific- but had unfortunately stumbled in mid-ritual. As a result, they spent most of the dream either watching in fear, or running away.


A Strange Dog

Aug 26th, 2023

I had found myself in a strange house, unfamiliar to me with many clean, white walls with frames that didn't have anything in them. Trying to find my way out of this place, I soon found myself followed by a strange, large dog that could seemingly warp around silently so it was always behind me. It was completely white, aside from its bright, neon orange head, but most notably, it had two large, fleshy areas and no eyes. I drew it on my phone upon waking up [body horror, includes (poorly drawn) flesh and an empty eyesocket]. I didn't get any actual malicious intentions from it, but it definitely had a strange, unnerving energy to it.


Jul 26th, 2023

This one was a dream with me and a bunch of people who I intuitively knew were on some infiltration mission to claim supernatural resources for some unknown entity we worked for. We were on a bus chasing down some supernatural giant, ancient warship looking boat that had all sorts of smaller boats and seats that it was pulling along. At its helm was a skeletal figure, pretty explicitly representing death. Supposedly we were supposed to survive the experience somehow by cheating the system- by doing so, this was somehow a way to gain resources for whatever entity I worked for. I don't actually remember being able to get to the actual big boat, but I remember getting onto one of the smaller boats that followed it and feeling an incredible force as it and the other boats weaved through this thin canal at breakneck speed.

Jul 9th, 2023

I was on a cooking show but my hair was short/its normal length, which is a pretty short cut that I try to make sure never goes longer than my ears. However, my bangs were way too long to be clean, so I had to pin it back but I kept failing to pin it back in a way that looked 1) presentable 2) didn't risk me getting hair in the food. At one point the elderly host came and asked me if I wanted her to possibly take over and I said 'no, I really want to do this', and continued fiddling with my hair... On the air.